Chicken breast with Tomato Ginger Cinnamon: 2 persons

2 chicken breasts
1 jar of tomato – ginger cinnamon
1 small leek
1 to 2 courgettes
5 cherry tomatoes
3 cm ginger
2 cloves garlic
10 gr parsley
2 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
pepper / salt

Cut the chicken breast and the zucchini into cubes. Wash the leek and cut into rings.
Peel the ginger, peel the garlic and chop them as finely as possible. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and finally pick the leaves from the parsley and chop them coarsely.

Heat a wok and add the oil.
Fry the chicken cubes until light brown.
Add the courgette, leek, garlic and ginger and wok for 3-4 minutes.
Add the parsley leaves and cherry tomatoes together with 2 tbsp tomato – ginger cinnamon and stir carefully.
Allow the tomatoes to warm up for a while and then remove them from the heat source.
Now add pepper and possibly a little salt to taste.

Serve with rice.

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