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You want your event to be a unique experience for your guests? Émely’s Fine Food offers refined and luxurious food. We use seasonal and sustainable ingredients of the highest quality, and we challenge the palate. With us your event will be a different, surprising and unique gastronomic experience.

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Eating is not only about feeding your body, it’s also about caring for the environment, challenging your senses, and nourishing your social needs.

My stories

Truffles, a treasure of Mother Nature!

One of the most luxurious and rich flavors of autumn and early winter is for me personally truffle. The warm earthy smell of a fresh white truffle or also the black winter truffle has no equal. Since in my opinion this ingredient doesn't need much fuss to achieve its...

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A passion for food!

I am born in the Netherlands where I grew up with my feet in the sink, always sitting on my mum’s countertop “helping” with the cooking. Our whole family life revolved around dining and spending quality time together at the dining table. I’ve always been a gourmet, eating and liking everything as of a very young age, especially fish, seafood and all kinds of vegetables.

Growing up in a family of great female cooks, for a long time I didn’t consider my talent as very special and therefor channeled my energy in getting a university degree and a corporate career. In the meantime, my passion for cooking broadened into a passion for (healthy) foods, challenging flavor combinations and urban gardening. I pay a lot of attention to the way food is produced, prefer making everything myself and like to buy my ingredients as close to home as possible.

I use my own home-made Émely’s Fine Food products for the most surprising taste combinations