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Puff pastry cakes with ricotta

Puff pastry is one of the easiest doughs which you can use for sooo many things; sweet and savory. I love working with it and you don't need to make it yourself from scratch. Ready made puff pastry is available every where and it's easy to buy good organic quality....

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Summertime = Summer Salads

During warm summer evenings we tend to eat later and lighter and therefor we have a lot of salads on our summer menu. Two of our ideas we ate last week: a salad of lentils, avocado and cucumber served with grilled scallops sugar snaps in an asian dressing served with...

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Émely’s Pumpkin Soup

I am an absolute soup lover. No matter which season, I always like soup. Warm or cold doesn't matter. You can wake me up in the middle of the night with a bowl of nice home made soup. And not experience me at my grumpiest, which I would otherwise be for sure. 😉 But...

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