Who am I?

I am Émely and I am born in the Netherlands where I grew up with my feet in the sink. Literally as a toddler sitting on my mom’s countertop “helping” with the cooking, although I preferred the smelling & tasting part of the job.

I grew up in a family of great female cooks all the way back to my great-great-grandmother who delivered her exquisite cuisine to the German emperor in the 19th century.

Cooking at a very high level was such a normality in our family, that for a long time I didn’t consider my talent as very special and therefor channeled my energy in getting a university degree and a corporate career. In my spare time though I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. My own kitchen, my mom’s kitchen, but also working with my uncle to help him start his business (café, restaurant and cinema) and with 2-Michelin star chef Emmanuel Mertens catering some amazing exclusive events in the Netherlands and Belgium.

When my husband and I moved to Switzerland, I had the opportunity to reconsider my corporate career, find my true passion and turn what I like most into my job. With the help and support of my husband and my mother I then founded Émely’s Fine Food.

What’s my passion?

As of a very young age I can be considered as a gourmet, liking and eating everything, especially fish, seafood and all kinds of vegetables.

Of course, our whole family live revolves around cooking, dining and spending our quality time at the dining table; at home and during our holidays. In the meantime, my passion for cooking broadened into a passion for (healthy) foods, challenging flavor combinations and urban gardening. I even turned my roof-top terrace into a vegetable garden.

I pay a lot of attention to the way food is produced, prefer making everything myself and like to buy my ingredients as close to home as possible.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Charlotte, the mother of Émely.

I am also born in the Netherlands and I inherited my love of cooking as a child. My mother learned to cook at a very high level from her grandmother who learned it from her mother. My mom passed this great family knowledge on to me and I, in turn, naturally passed it on to my daughters.


What’s my passion?

My passion for cooking, wine-food combinations and making exciting compositions have brought me great experiences: teaching, also to children from the age of 8, the Dutch Hobby Chef title in 2008, a cooking programme on TV and a very memorable, long-standing collaboration with 2 Michelin-star chef Emmanuel Mertens.

Finally, the best came along: Émely’s Fine Food.

Cooking with my daughter, inspiring each other to make fantastic combinations with the best quality ingredients and teaching others how to achieve this.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf
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