17 September is my anniversary and this year my husband treated me to a very special night out. We had dinner at the chef table in the KitchenClub of hotel/restaurant Montana in Luzern.


An amazing and exciting experience in the heart of the kitchen. And most fantastic for me was that you were not just seated at a dining table in the kitchen. No, you could walk around to have a closer look at what the chef and his crew were doing! The only requirement, of course, was that you didn’t hinder the staff.

The evening starts at 7pm sharp with an introduction to the kitchen and the systems they use, all accompanied by an aperitif and a delicious appetizer of scallop in bacon with pea puree and a lovely tomato-olive bread with spreads and dips.

Our surprise menu then consisted of tuna with fried duck liver, onion confit and apple cream, then pasta with tomato sauce enriched with dried tomatoes, pine nuts and raisins, served with sardine and saffron foam, then a perfectly fried beef fillet with an herbal gratin and truffle risotto. For dessert we had chocolate mousse with nuts, crumble, zwetschgen sorbet and poached zwetschgen.

A big thank you to chef Zimmermann and his crew for the great evening.


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